Freebies - The Basics

 Like anything else, you need to know a little about what you are doing to be successful in obtaining freebies. You need to know where to look, how to make your request, and what kinds of things to avoid so you don’t get scammed.


Free Software

Free software is probably the most plentiful type of freebie you will find on the Internet. Everything from games to heavy duty business applications can be had for free. The biggest problem is determining what free software is useful and avoiding software containing adware and spyware.


Avoiding Scams

 The Internet is a wonderful place, filled will all kinds of great information and lots of stuff you can get for free. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of of bad things about the Internet. Where ever there are a lot of people you will find the evil few who try to take advantage of the masses. The same hold true for the Internet. You will want to learn to steer clear of the scams on your way to finding the good stuff.


How to Save Money with Freebies?


Some people assume that you can’t really save money with freebies. They tend to think that it’s just a fun pastime. The truth is, you actually can save money with freebies.
Here’s How: 

  • If you are a shopaholic substitute ordering free stuff for spending money.  
  • Instead of buying a product that you have not yet tried look for a free sample offer.  
  • If you need some reading material check the free magazine subscriptions links . These are full subscriptions, not trial offers. 
  • Check out the various free services. You can often use a free service instead of one you pay for. A good example is free Internet access. 
  • Check the free pricing services link  to find the lowest price when you do need to spend some money

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    What are coupons?

     Briefly, coupons are ways to buy what you want but buy it a bit cheaper. An online retailer often offers special discounts in order to promote their site. How they publicize their discounts differs. Many offer printable coupons which can be redeemed at your local store. Others offer online discounts, redeem able when purchasing online. A current trend is to offer e-mail coupons obtainable when the consumer has signed up for the sites newsletter, become a “site member” or completed a survey questionnaire. Read More.