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Moving Towards Success.

So often in life we find ourselves stagnating or feeling as if we are running in the spot. It's not as if we aren't moving forward, but what we are doing doesn't seem to make any difference to our situation. It is so frustrating and demoralizing, yet in spite of how uncomfortable we are, we can't get out of that rut. How can we get ourselves from inertia into moving towards a much better outcome?

An inability to change an unsatisfactory situation can, more often than not, be linked to being fearful of doing things differently. Floundering in this fear of the unknown, you might say to yourself:

But what if I fail?

What will others think about me?

I might be worse off.

What if I actually succeed? I'll have to live up to higher expectations. I'll have more responsibility.

Who am I to think things can be different?

I'm not clever enough ... good enough ..., etc.

There is likely to be a whole range of negative self talk which tells you there is no way you can move on. This may give you permission to never make an effort to try something different. You can get paralysed by the 'What if this or that happens?' conversations you have in your head. If you buy into this kind of negative thinking, there is no way your situation is likely to improve.

Mark Twain once said, 'If you think you can't, or you think you can; you're probably right'.

If you want more out of life - in relationships, health or career -how about taking charge and
setting a direction for yourself, rather than just allowing life to toss you around leaving you without any clear sense of where you will end up?

So what will start moving you towards what you want?

Determine your outcome

Ask yourself what the outcome is, that you truly desire. This outcome must be clearly and concisely stated in positive terms. Looking at it from your current perspective it should be realistic in order for you to believe that it is possible.

Thinking big is great but in the early stages of changing your thinking it could become overwhelming. So, if the achievement of your desire seems like a huge leap for you, perhaps it would be best to create a series of smaller steps that will eventually take you to that larger goal; Or, to develop your abilities in goal setting, you could practice on a series of short term goals.

There should be a real feeling of conviction about hitting the target. Then, as you start to create a track record of success, your growing confidence may allow you to become bolder with the steps you take.

At this stage, what else can you do to assist this manifestation process?

Consider the following:

  • Work out an action plan and do something that creates movement towards your outcome each day, no matter how small that might be.
  • If you know of someone who has already achieved this goal, or something similar, find out what they did to propel themselves forward and use them as a role model. Adopt similar strategies.
  • In order to move out of a 'stuck' state, be willing to operate differently. If you always do what you have always done you will more than likely get the same result.
  • Be flexible when faced with obstacles that will probably test your resolve - you may need to adjust your action plan.
  • If you do something that clearly doesn't work remember that there is no failure only feedback. Find the lesson (or seed of success) and apply it.
  • Ask yourself, 'Who do I need to be?' Consider the personal qualities and skills that may need to be developed or polished.
  • Get a coach or a trusted 'accountability friend' who will keep you on track.
  • Give thanks and celebrate all you have achieved so far and the gifts that have come your way in life. Gratitude attracts more good things into your life.
I wish you well on your path to success, whatever that may be. There are many people who have achieved great things. Read their
inspiring stories. You may very well glean something that will help you on your unique journey.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.

<<Abraham Lincoln>>